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Dr Anunga M'pania & M.S Mahomed

Formally In Sandton

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About Dr Anunga

Dr Anunga M’pania was born in the city of kinshasa in Democratic republic of Congo, central Africa, married with two kids, his father was a professor in psychiatry and first psychiatrist in DR Congo,he qualified as medical doctor in 1997 in University Of Kinshasa Medical School and worked as a general practitioner in several hospitals in kinshasa (capital of DR Congo) for  6 years before moving to South Africa in March 2003, where I was recognised as medical practitioner in 2004 after successfully passing the HPCSA Board Exam, I worked for 3 years in the Free State province department of health before moving to Gauteng in 2008 where I am practicing untill now!

Qualifications Licensing And Examinations

Conseil National de l`ordre des Medecins du Congo in DR Congo CNOM - 1999 - 2003

Medical Dergree at the University of Kinshasa in DRC 1986 to 1997

Public Service General Practitioner - HPCSA -2004

Independent Practice Medical Practitioner - HPCSA - 2004

Canadian Equivalency Assessment of Foreign Education Credential ECA ID E947639066IMM - 2020


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